Running in Docker

Running a debt auction keeper in a Docker container

1. Get RAI

Buy RAI or open a SAFE to generate it.

2. Modify the model file as needed

A basic debt auction bidding model can be found in models/ This model retrieves the latest FLX/USD price from Coingecko and will automatically place bids in an auction.

You probably want to modify the following variables in models/

  • MAXIMUM_FLX_MULTIPLIER: the maximum acceptable FLX price to use when bidding. Default: 0.90 meaning the maximum price to pay when biding for FLX (with RAI) is 90% of the current FLX/USD market price from Coingecko

  • MY_BID_DECREASE: the bid decrease (in FLX) to propose when outbidding another bidder. If the value is smaller than the debt auction house's bidDecrease, then it will use the value set in the debt auction house. Example: a value of 1.10 will use bid decreases of 10%. Note: the current bidDecrease on mainnet is 1.03

Then, use chmod +x

For more information about bidding models, see this.

3) Modify the keeper run file

Modify the following variables in

  • KEEPER_ADDRESS - the keeper's address. It should be in checksummed format (not lowercase)

  • ETH_RPC_URL - the URL of your Ethereum RPC connection

  • KEYSTORE_DIR - the full path of the directory where your keystore file is

  • MODEL_DIR - the full path of directory where your file is

  • KEYSTORE_FILE - your Ethereum UTC JSON keystore filename. For more information about the keystore format and how to generate it, check Ethereum UTC / JSON Wallet Encryption or keythereum.

  • GAS_MAXIMUM -maximum gas price, in GWEI

Then, use chmod +x

4) Start the keeper and enter your keystore file password

Use ./

$ ./
latest: Pulling from reflexer/auction-keeper
Digest: sha256:7e55ec9b0a136fc903d9f7f2690538bcbde9029d957e0e6f84d0282790f9666a
Status: Downloaded newer image for reflexer/auction-keeper:latest
Password for /keystore/key.json:

Debt Auction Output

Sample debt auction output

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