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Mandatory Fixed Treasury Reimbursement
Integration contract meant to offer a fixed reward pulled from the SF treasury

1. Summary

The MandatoryFixedTreasuryReimbursement is a contract meant to be inherited from and used as a way to offer a fixed stability fee reward (pulled from the SF treasury) to any address.

2. Contract Variables & Functions

    authorizedAccounts[usr: address] - addAuthorization/removeAuthorization - auth mechanisms
    fixedReward - the fixed reward sent by the treasury to a fee receiver
    treasury - stability fee treasury contract
    treasuryAllowance() public view returns (uint256) - return the amount of SF that the treasury can transfer in one transaction when called by the reimbursement contract
    getCallerReward() public view returns (uint256 reward) - get the actual reward that can be pulled from the SF treasury by taking the minimum value between the fixedRewardand the total amount that can be sent by the treasury in one block
    rewardCaller(proposedFeeReceiver: address) internal - internal function to send a SF reward to a fee receiver by calling the treasury
    isAuthorized - checks whether an address is part of authorizedAddresses (and thus can call authed functions)
    AddAuthorization - emitted when a new address becomes authorized. Contains:
      account - the new authorized account
    RemoveAuthorization - emitted when an address is de-authorized. Contains:
      account - the address that was de-authorized
    ModifyParameters - emitted when a parameter is updated.
    RewardCaller - emitted when the contract rewards an address with SF coming from the treasury. Contains:
      finalFeeReceiver - the address that got the reward
      fixedReward - the reward that was sent

3. Walkthrough

rewardCaller is the most important function in this contract. It takes care of pulling a fixed SF reward from the treasury and then sending it to a proposedFeeReceiver.
getCallerReward can be used to retrieve the current SF fee that can be pulled from the treasury.
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