GEB Docs


Simple price feed setter and getter

1. Summary

This is a simple contract where authorized addresses can set a price and anyone can read it.

2. Contract Variables & Functions

  • isValid - boolean that signals whether the currently stored value is valid (greater than zero) or not
  • medianPrice - the current price feed
  • auth - modifier that checks whether an address can set the result. Inherited from ds-thing.
  • getResultWithValidity() external view returns (bytes32, bool) - returns result and isValid
  • read() external view returns (uint256) - getter that only returns the result
  • updateResult(newResult: bytes32) - set a new result
  • restartValue() - set isValid to false

3. Walkthrough

Authorized functions can set a new medianPrice by calling updateResult. Anyone can read the medianPrice or read both the medianPrice and whether it isValid by calling read orgetResultWithValidity.