Multi-chain RAI


RAI Address: 0xa71353bb71dda105d383b02fc2dd172c4d39ef8b

Currently, RAI holders can port their tokens to Fantom RAI using the bridge. RAI holders should keep in mind that they need to get FTM first in order to send transactions on Fantom. One way to get FTM is on Sushiswap and then use to transfer your Ethereum FTM to Fantom FTM.

Once you have FTM and RAI on the Fantom chain, you should also make sure you have Fantom set up in Metamask (or any other wallet you're using).

The RAI address on Fantom can be found here.

Fantom RAI Partners

The first protocol that started to support RAI on Fantom is SpiritSwap. Initially, SpiritSwap will incentivize RAI/FTM LPs using their SPIRIT token.

In order to earn SPIRIT, you need to LP in the RAI/FTM pool and then go the the staking page and find the the RAI/FTM farm (by typing "RAI" in the Search field).


RAI Address: 0x00e5646f60AC6Fb446f621d146B6E1886f002905 RAI holders can trade on RAI/USDC Kyber DMM.

Polygon RAI Partners

BaoDAO also build a synthetics platform called Polly and decided to use RAI for their incentives pools.


RAI Address: XXTrSXmzS7MvjYP5QGVbFppbvF3gXBmbezsphQbVG54.

In order to interact with Solana you can use the Phantom wallet.


RAI Address: 0x97Cd1CFE2ed5712660bb6c14053C0EcB031Bff7d

You can get your RAI from Ethereum to Avalanche using Anyswap.