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Increasing Reward Relayer
Contract that relays SF rewards from the treasury to any other address

1. Summary

The IncreasingRewardRelayer is a contract meant to pull funds from the StabilityFeeTreasury and send them to a custom address. The relayer can only be called by a specific address that requests payments.
This contract inherits functionality from the IncreasingTreasuryReimbursement contract.

2. Contract Variables & Functions

  • refundRequestor - address that can request funds
  • lastReimburseTime - timestamp of the last reimbursement
  • reimburseDelay - enforced gap between reimbursements
  • modifyParameters - modify contract parameters
  • reimburseCaller(feeReceiver: address) - send SF rewards from the treasury to the feeReceiver

3. Walkthrough

refundRequestor is the only address that can call reimburseCaller and request a stability fee payment from the treasury.
reimburseCaller can only be called again after at least reimburseDelay seconds have passed since the last call.
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