ESM Threshold Setter

Setter that periodically recomputes the threshold in the ESM

1. Summary

The ESMThresholdSetter is meant to recompute the threshold of protocol tokens needed to burn and trigger settlement through the ESM.

2. Contract Variables & Functions


  • authorizedAccounts[usr: address] - addresses allowed to call modifyParameters() and disableContract().

  • minAmountToBurn - the minimum amount of protocol tokens that must be burned to trigger settlement using the ESM

  • supplyPercentageToBurn - the percentage of outstanding protocol tokens to burn in order to trigger settlement using the ESM

  • protocolToken - The address of the protocol token

  • esm - the address of the ESM contract


  • modifyParameters - modify contract parameters

  • recomputeThreshold - calculate and set a new protocol token threshold in the ESM


  • isAuthorized - checks whether an address is part of authorizedAddresses (and thus can call authed functions).


  • AddAuthorization - emitted when a new address becomes authorized. Contains:

    • account - the new authorized account

  • RemoveAuthorization - emitted when an address is de-authorized. Contains:

    • account - the address that was de-authorized

  • ModifyParameters - emitted when a parameter is updated.

3. Walkthrough

recomputeThreshold can be called any time in order to recompute the threshold inside the esm. The computed threshold must be higher than or equal to minAmountToBurn and it should be a specific percentage of the outstanding supply of protocol tokens.

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