Running in Docker

Running a surplus auction keeper in a Docker container

In order to participate in surplus auctions you need to bid with protocol tokens

1. Modify the model file as needed

A basic surplus auction bidding model can be found in models/ This model retrieves the latest FLX/USD price from Coingecko and will automatically place bids in an auction.

You probably want to modify the following variables in models/

  • STARTING_FLX_MULTIPLIER: the maximum acceptable FLX price to use when bidding. This value will be used when bidding on a new auction with no previous bids. Default: 1.50 meaning the maximum price to accept for FLX (in RAI terms) is 150% of the current FLX/USD market price

  • MINIMUM_FLX_MULTIPLIER: the minimum acceptable FLX price to use when bidding. Default: 1.10 meaning the minimum price to accept for FLX (in RAI terms) is 110% of the current FLX/USD market price

MY_BID_INCREASE: The amount of bid increase(in FLX) to make when outbidding another bidder. If value is less than the auction house' bidIncrease, then it will use the auction house setting. Example: A value of 1.10 will create bid increases of 10%. Note: Current bidIncrease on mainnet is 1.03. Default: 1.03

Then, use chmod +x

For more information about bidding models, see Bidding Models.

2. Modify the keeper run file

Modify the following variables in

  • KEEPER_ADDRESS - the keeper's address. It should be in checksummed format (not lowercase)

  • ETH_RPC_URL - the URL of your Ethereum RPC connection

  • KEYSTORE_DIR - the full path of the directory where your keystore file is

  • MODEL_DIR - the full path of directory where your file is

  • KEYSTORE_FILE - your Ethereum UTC JSON keystore filename

  • GAS_MAXIMUM -maximum gas price, in GWEI

For more information about the keystore format and how to generate it:

Finally, to run the keeper, use chmod +x

3. Start the keeper and enter your keystore file password


$ ./
Pulling from reflexer/auction-keeper
Digest: sha256:7e55ec9b0a136fc903d9f7f2690538bcbde9029d957e0e6f84d0282790f9666a
Status: Downloaded newer image for reflexer/auction-keeper
Password for /keystore/key.json:

Surplus Auction Output

Sample surplus auction output

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