Running in Docker

Running a surplus auction keeper in a Docker container

In order to participate in surplus auctions you need to bid with protocol tokens

1) Create a model file

Pick a protocol token/system coin price and paste the following code into

#!/usr/bin/env bash
while true; do
echo "{\"price\": \"325.0\"}"
sleep 120


chmod +x

For more information about bidding models, see this.

2) Create the keeper run file

Create a file called and paste the following code in it:

docker run -it \
-v <KEYSTORE_DIR>:/keystore \
-v <MODEL_DIR>:/models \
reflexer/auction-keeper:latest \
--type surplus \
--model /models/ \
--rpc-uri <ETH_RPC_URL> \
--eth-from <KEEPER_ADDRESS> \
--eth-key key_file=/keystore/<KEYSTORE_FILE>

Then, substitute the following variables:

KEYSTORE_DIR - the local directory where your keystore file is

MODEL_DIR - the local directory where your file is

KEYSTORE_FILE - your Ethereum UTC JSON keystore filename

For more information about this keystore format and how to generate them:

ETH_RPC_URL - the URL of your ethereum RPC connection

KEEPER_ADDRESS - the keeper's address. It should be in checksummed format (not lowercase)


chmod +x

4) Start the keeper and enter your keystore file password


$ ./
latest: Pulling from reflexer/auction-keeper
Digest: sha256:7e55ec9b0a136fc903d9f7f2690538bcbde9029d957e0e6f84d0282790f9666a
Status: Downloaded newer image for reflexer/auction-keeper:latest
Password for /keystore/key.json: